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Assignment Outline (100%)
Word Count: 2500 Words referencing: APA style
Individual Report
Students should demonstrate the following:
• Critical awareness of the complex nature of international trade, its main factors, the legal frameworks and institutions; and their major challenges, issues and risks.
• Critical analysis and evaluation of the trade exchanges at both quantitative and qualitative level.
• Detailed knowledge of international trade, investment and tools.
• Understanding and capability to elaborate an articulated export strategy for an international company, comprehensive of all the main phases and with discussion of its critical challenges, issues and risks.
You are expected to conduct an independent piece of research of a real case company to understand how the company enter into a global trade by evaluating the international theories, concepts and tools.
Write a report by analysing the following content:
• Identify the real case company and explore the background of the company.
• Research on the countries that the chosen company trades with and evaluate the legal frameworks, major issues and risks in these countries.
• Examine the export strategy adopted by this chosen company. Discuss the critical challenges, issues and risk that the strategy brought to the chosen company.
• Provide recommendations by identifying how a better trade strategy can be developed for the chosen company.
The report should consist but not be limited to the following:
A. Executive summary
The executive summary should specify the purpose of this report – key information and specific recommendation.
B. Background
The background section should provide sufficient information that is related to the company current status, the growth plan and the countries that the company had entered for trade. If there is more background information than can fit within one page, the information should be summarized in this section and provide as appendices.
C. Discussion
Discussion should cover analysis in the general business environment (e.g., current environment, economic condition, trading systems, legal framework, influential institutions, etc), export strategy, at both quantitative and qualitative perspectives.
Discussion should include challenges, issues and risks. Assess the degree of impact that will affect the organisation. Any implication in the areas of management responsibility, strategic implication and/or legal aspects from the research.
D. Recommendation
It is important that you provide a clear and concise recommendation. The recommendation should include the summary of alternatives (where relevant), and therefore, why the recommendation is the best option.
Report Deliverables
• This report should be composed with 2,500 words ±10% allowances.
• Word count must be indicated on the first page.
• Word count excludes Table of Content, Board Resolution, and Reference List.
• A written report shall be word processed with Ariel or Times New Roman font type, size 12, double line spaced and overall margin 2.5 cm; include relevant charts, diagrams, graphs, images and/or tabulations.
• A written report must be supported with a variety of sources; citations and references must adhere to APA Referencing System.
You should search library, databases, company websites and trade journals, etc. in order to prepare for the submission of coursework. Do not use Wikipedia for referencing.