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Level 10 & 11
233 Castlereagh Street
NSW 2000
MCR002 Organisational Behaviour
Trimester 3, 2021
Assessment: detailed description
Assessment – 1 Online quiz Worth 5%
This is a quiz. It must be completed online at the designated time in week-5 tutorial session. The questions for this quiz will be generated from the contents of the first four topics of Organisational Behaviour subject. If you miss this quiz irrespective of reasons, you shall not get another chance to make it up.
Assessment – 2 Group project Worth 25%
This task is designed to develop your ability to contribute fruitfully to a group task; assess an organisational issue or problem as objectively as possible; appreciate the potential of theory in managerial decision making and problem solving; apply theory to ‘real life’; take managerial responsibility by designing a practical course of action.
You must submit your assignment online via Moodle (Turnitin software will be used to detect plagiarism cases). Only one report from each group. The report MUST contain the name and ID numbers of all group members. Please include the word count on the cover page and highlight the names of the group members who were inactive/ not contactable/ didn't contribute at all.
Task description:
1. This is a group assignment, and the lecturer will create and finalize assignment groups in week 3/4. (4-5 members in each group).
2. Identify a problem (only one problem relating to OB) in an organisation that you have access to (preferably an organisation where at least one group member works or has worked recently. Do not focus on a problem that has already been solved and do not choose an organisation that is no longer in business (cease to exist).
3. Provide a brief introduction to the organisation (it is acceptable to withhold the name of the organisation).
4. Describe the problem, as much as possible in terms of the observable or measurable symptoms it manifests, for example: low levels of motivation; high employee turnover; deterioration of service quality; increased customer complaints; dysfunctional groups; loss of profit; negative/ unhelpful organisational culture etc.
5 The issue/problem should then be considered and analysed in terms of concepts/ models/ theories drawn from any topic studied as part of this subject. Try to choose the topic that seem to offer the most useful insights into the problem. Do not try to deal with many models or concepts. Topics outside the OB subject coverage must not be selected.
6. Design an intervention (a change program or set of activities and procedures) utilising some aspect or aspects of your analysis. The intervention should be intended to solve or improve the situation. Please note you are not merely being asked for a list of recommendations.
7. Prepare a report of 1200 words (cover page, summary and the reference list is not included in the word count). There are penalties for exceeding the word limit (1 mark). Late submission without prior permission shall attract penalty @ 10% per day. Submit the report via Moodle on or before the due date (only one report from each group). Your report must be correctly and adequately referenced using APA/Harvard style. Please aim for a balanced range of research from academic journal articles and popular media (such as podcasts, company websites, practitioner publications, news items etc.). Use at least 5 academic references.
Due Date: Tuesday Week 9 (26 October 2021 before midnight)
(Note: Assignment marking rubrics are available on the Moodle page as well as at the end of this page).
Assessment – 3 Ongoing Assessment Worth 10%
These are ongoing assessments- mostly individual (quizzes, case studies, scenario analysis, problem solving exercises) conducted during tutorial sessions.
These assessments will be conducted without prior announcement starting from week 6 through to week 12. It is necessary that the students are regular in attending the lecture and tutorial sessions. There shall be no make -up for these activities if these are missed - irrespective of reasons.
Assessment 4: Final Examination Worth 60%
The Final Exam will be 2 hours in duration. The exam may include short answer questions, essay questions and case-study analysis. Further information on the format will be provided during revision week.
The questions will be devised to assess the interpretation and application of knowledge, comprehension skills, and critical thinking skills rather than only knowledge recall.
You will be expected to demonstrate your understanding of key concepts and your ability to apply those concepts to various situations.
All material covered in this course is examinable. The exam will be conucted during the UBSS exam period.
This is a 'MUST pass' assessment item. To clear/pass this subject, you need 50 marks of which a minimum of 30 must come from the final exam.
(Note: Assignment marking guide is provided below).
MCR002 Oranisational Behaviour Group report: Marking guide
Assessment Criteria HD
Excellent D
Very good C
Good P
Fair F
0- 49%
Very poor Marks
• The presence of an appropriate introduction to the organisation (2 marks)
• The identification of a suitable problem for analysis and the depth of analysis of problem
(2 marks)
• Effective use of material from subject topics and appropriateness of the chosen
topics (6 marks)
• Suitable intervention design with detailed action steps (5 marks)
• Quality and completeness of response to the presentation topic:
? The breadth and depth of response sufficient and appropriate information to support the key points
? Demonstrated understanding of the necessary concepts/ theories involved
? Demonstrated understanding of the nature
and complexities of problems (5 marks)
• Format and clarity of expression:
? The response conforms to the requirements of the specified format (report format)
? Complied with word count
? Complete cover page information
? The writing is fluent, exhibiting grammatically correct sentences that are appropriately punctuated
? There are no spelling or typing errors and due regard is given to rules of capitalisation and abbreviation, gender neutral
• Referencingexpression etc.
? Citation of sources in the text,
? List of references at the end - adequate, correct and complete as per APA format. (3 marks)
Total Mark
Group members and their marks:
Member ID Name Mark
Lecturer: Dr Syed Uddin, Date: