Recent Question/Assignment

Select a company of your choice and obtain their latest annual report (this can be one you work for, are familiar with or one you have an interest in). Ensure your chosen company will enable you to meet all of the criteria below.
There are lots of companies to choose from and normally their annual reports are available easily from the company's web site. if you are struggling for a suitable company, just have a look at the Financial Times (either hard copy or on the web) where you will see a comprehensive list of company names that are listed on the FTSE, this would be a good starting point.
Using your chosen company, you are required to:
Explain the key sources of finance for your company. For example what is the mix of share capital and long term loans, does this company appear to be risky from a gearing point of view? (350-500 words)
Identify the key elements of working capital and discuss any particular strengths or weaknesses which you feel the company has in this area. (350-500 words)
Discuss the company's exposure to risks generally and exchange rate risk in particular as a result of their involvement in international markets. How does the company manage these risks, and how successful do you think the company is in this? (400-500 words)
Evaluate the success of corporate restructuring activities undertaken by your chosen company in the last five years or so. For example, has it acquired new subsidiary companies, entered into joint ventures or undertaken divestment, and how successful has this been? (400-500 words)
Your completed End of Module Project should be in the form of a written report of between 1,500 and 2,000 words.