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Case Study
What to do and How to do?
Group Activity - Design database -- 5 in each team
1. Reservation of tables in a restaurant
2. Reservation of Books in a library
3. Managing your mobile phone address book with categories (friends, family, business, etc.)
4. Managing your family tree with all details
5. Reservation of seats for a reality show
6. Managing advertisements for your friends music performance
7. Managing exam timetable
8. Managing your expenses with categories (academic, sports, entertainment, travel, etc.)
9. Managing your appointments (your calendar)
10. Managing your documents (digi locker)
11. Managing Important Events in your calendar (friends birthday, parents wedding anniversary, renewal of vehicle insurance, etc.)
12. Managing guests for an event (Ex: Inter Collegiate competition special guests)
13. Managing participants for a competition
14. Managing menu in a restaurant
15. Managing your workout schedules
16. Managing your mobile usage
17. Planning a long tour with friends
18. Managing a class attendance
What to do?
• Each team to prepare a case study report covering 3 parts
• Which OS your team would choose with merits of the same
• A minimum of 3 and a maximum of 7 schema should be identified for the Data base management System. Show clearly the schema, identify all integrity rules such as Primary Key and Foreign key
• Which network model you would choose and why?
How to do?
• What type of application? - Mobile App or Web application
• Which Operating System? Windows/ Linux/ Android/ ...
• Why this OS? : Who developed this, version details, advantages (merits), number of users in the world,
• Schema Design
• Identify Integrity Constraints
• 10 Queries that your DBMS can answer
• Networks
• Topology
• Model, advantages, Why this model?
• Summary page giving 10 important features of your system (product)
• Who will use this?
• How would you market this product ?
What should I submit?
1. Video Presentation -10 to 12 slides
2. Report with cover Page (in PDF) -10 to 15 pages
How Should I Submit?
• Each team leader should submit the Video presentation and Report in AUMS.
• Deadline for the submission :- On or before 30th January 2022.
• Evaluation weightage - 15 marks
• Presentation Video - 5 Marks
• Implementation (Schema Design, Query, Report)-10 Marks
Cover Page
Department of Computer Science and Engineering 19CSE101 - Computer Systems Essentials Case Study: TITLE SHOULD COME HERE
Batch: 2021 -2025
Semester: 1
January 2022