Recent Question/Assignment

Assessment Type Essay
On completion of this assignment the student should be able to:
Critically evaluate the concept of disasters in the context of the United Nations' Sendai framework and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
For this assignment you are to write an essay evaluating the assertion that all disasters are,
to some extent, natural disasters and consider the implications for disaster management in
the context of the SDGs and the Sendai framework! Is it correct to label disasters as ‘natural’?
A full explanation of the coursework is available in the Project One Brief in Canvas.
Weighting 35%
Length 2000 words (+ or - 10%)
Due Date 20/02/2022
Submission Method
Online Submission referencing: use an essay format, you may choose to have discreet sections or distinct sections labelled with appropriate headings, NO NUMBERING, the choice is yours (limited only by your imagination) as long as it is readable and has some logic. All sources must be referenced appropriately, and all figures and tables must be numbered, titled and integrated into the body of the report.
Submission format: use an A4 written format. The submission will be in the form of an electronic Word file submitted to Turnitin. For electronic submissions it is advisable that you cut and paste your written assignment into the Assessment Cover Sheet file, not the other way and rename the file as or . The file size can be an issue when submitting through Turnitin. You are advised to review the size of your file ensuring it is below 1.0MB. If you are including photographs and other digital graphic media it is recommended that you adopt processes (Photoshop, PowerPoint etc.) to reduce it to 72dpi format. It is important to note that electronic submissions will be marked in their electronic form for this course. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that any files submitted are in a Microsoft/Mac Word or Adobe format or are readable or compatible with these formats.
Documents will be formatted as follows:
-1.5 line spacing and 12 point Times font;
-no indentation, -paragraphs separated by two returns;
-illustrations within body of text; and
NO DOT-POINTS Submission time and location: All assignments are to be submitted through Canvas by the submission time and date. THERE IS NO HARDCOPY SUBMISSION REQUIRED FOR THIS COURSEWORK.