Recent Question/Assignment

Task Description:
Students are required to develop and implement a management report for their event concept from start to finish. Management Report consisting of Project scope document, Stakeholder management Plan, Marketing, Logistics, Work breakdown structure, Project budgeting and Risk management plan.
Due Week Due Date Value
Event: Implementation, Staging and Week 11 Sunday 13th 40%
Closing February Before
Management Report: 3000 words excluding Executive Summary, appendices and references.
Task Requirements
Students should use the concept design from assessment #2 and finish of their report for Implementation, staging and close down of an Event Project.
The report must include the following knowledge areas:
Project Scope Document
Stakeholder management plan
Project budget
Work breakdown structure
Gantt chart
Risk management plan
Staging and Close Down
The report will discuss the application, appropriateness and reference the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). Successful completion of the event should be justified with the relevancy, i.e. from the theories learnt, PMBOK as an essential component for the Events Legacy