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Assignment # 3 Problem Analysis & Brainstorming IP Project
Group Assignment : IP Case Project Analysis/IP Team Submission
Value 10% of your overall mark
Mode of Delivery- 5-7 Page Research Analysis
Research Analysis The group is first required to answer the following questions:
a) A. What information might we need to research? (10) -surveys, journal articles, competitive information, industry standards, best in class - this does not have to be directly tied to the Hospitality Industry What would allow these ideas to work? News ideas that you and your team have uncovered. (10)
B. The team will come up with potential business solutions from brainstorming exercise to begin researching and to use in order to build a final list of recommendations. (10)
C. Team should develop a list of questions that need to be asked and researched What information might we need to research? -surveys, journal articles, competitive information, industry standards (10)
Notes: the first three questions (a-c) are only guidelines. Each team member should pose questions and participate in the discussion. Each team member should use her personal context, ideas or other forms of input adding to the brainstorm sessions.
Seneca College School of Hospitality & Tourism – Global Hospitality Management
GBD160 Presentation Marking Rubric -5% overall Mark – Assignment #3-Problem Analysis & Brainstorming
Problem Analysis & Brainstorming 15 Points
Identify the issue
Identify the objective
Potential Cause
Potential symptoms
10 Potential solutions – topline from
What would allow these ideas to work
What information might you need to research 10 Points
Point form thoughts from brainstorming
What information do you need? What is missing?
Where will you find this information? What direction will your research take you?
What Questions do you need to ask?
What sources will help you solve for your questions?
Potential Business Solutions 15 Points
15 Point form thoughts from Brainstorming that will lead to a potential solution and why
APA Format 5 Points
APA format, spelling , grammar
Total Points 45 Points