Recent Question/Assignment

Title Page
• The influence of music on anxiety/stress
• Written in APA format, 150-250 words
• The research problem that you propose to address
• Your hypothesis
• Your research design (number and ages of participants, method of data collection)
• Discussion of support (or lack of support) for hypothesis
• Importance/significance
• Broadly introduces the research question developed
• Discusses the importance and relevance of this question and how it impacts an individual or society broadly
• Written in an objective tone and avoids making unsubstantiated claims (cites sources!)
Literature Review
• Discussion of relevant literature
• Synthesis of that literature (not unconnected reviews of articles)
• Is focused on findings related to the research question (the results of those studies)
• Makes a compelling case for your study
• Provides basic transitions between themes of discussion
• Ends with hypothesis derived from the literature (it should be clear from the literature review why you proposed this hypothesis)
Data and Method
• Clear description and rationale for the participants or subjects to be used in the study
• Clear description of participant selection
• Presents the measures to be used and how measurements are to be implemented
• Describes the methodological strategy for collecting and assessing data related to testable hypothesis
• Restates whether hypothesis was supported
• Use previous literature (discussed earlier in your proposal) to suggest why you found these results
• Discusses the limitations of the study
• Provides ideas about future directions for the research
• Meets basic APA style guidelines for referencing within text and in the reference list
• Contains a minimum of 10 peer-review articles linked to the research question explored
• Appropriate grammar, error-free spelling, and proper punctuation
• Good flow, transitions, and readability throughout
• Use of proper tense
• Use of quotes limited to 3 or less
• Overall length is appropriate (introduction/literature review is at least 7 full pages, and the introduction through discussion is around 12-15 pages)

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