Recent Question/Assignment

Assessment Event 1: Documentation and Planning
Title: Documentation and Planning (3 x Documentation, Planning and Assessment Records)
Weighting: 30%
Length: Part A Documentation 1000 words
Part B Follow Up Planning 1000 words
Due: Week 6
Learning outcomes: 2 and 3
PART A (1000 words)
For this assessment you will need to:
• Watch the videos provided by the subject academic.
Meyer, V. (2015, June 28). Observation of child //I [Video]. YouTube. Lg9o
hatfieldmomof3. (2011, March 22). Toddler observation video 3 [Video]. YouTube. dBg
ECA Learning Hub. (2012, August 8). Connecting with practice NOS PLP-Finger painting [Video].
Use the template provided to produce three (3) documentation, planning and assessment records (1 x 0-2 years, 1 x 2-3 years and 1 x 3-5 years) that focus on children engaging in creativity.
• Ensure you use three (3) different observation methods across the three (3) records.
• Ensure each documentation, planning and assessment record includes:
o An in-depth observation.
o An interpretation that analyses specific creativity development/skills and dispositions.
o Application of the developmental theory and knowledge that underpins creativity in children or extends the childs creativity.
PART B - Follow Up Planning (1000 Words)
• Consider your follow up planning for each child (Where to from here)
• Your discussion for each child will be around extending their creativity and should include:
Subject Guide: ECCDD102A Creativity in the Early Years
o A rationale based on the observed development
o Support and challenge emerging skills and capabilities for creativity.
o Goals to extend the childs practice and process of creativity.
o A brief identification of the appropriate educator evidence, principle, practice or intentional strategy.
Your assessment must:
• follow standard style guidelines and submission required as outlined in supporting course documents provided by your campus.
• show evidence that you have read widely on the topic drawing on the recommended readings and texts and your own independent research.
• use correct in-text and end referencing, in APA 7th edition style.
The criteria for marking this assessment are given below.