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AVIA5039 - Airworthiness for Transport Category Aircraft
Assignment #1: Airworthiness Regulations and Requirements
You are the principal Airworthiness Manager within a company that designs, manufactures and certifies Transport Category aircraft. Following an audit of your airworthiness operation conducted by your National Aviation Authority (NAA) regulator, the audit report stated that some of your airworthiness team exhibited incomplete knowledge of the key policies, structures, processes, systems, governance arrangements and documented procedures that your organisation uses to provide assurance of compliance and conformance with the regulations and standards. The audit report is quite broad and did not go further into specifics. The NAA is concerned that there may be broad deficiencies in the awareness of these concepts and mechanisms and of their application by your team.
To alleviate their concerns the NAA requires that you provide them with an overview of these concepts and mechanisms, how they operate within your business in relation to attaining Initial Airworthiness for an aircraft type; and how they align with the regulatory requirements.
The NAA wants a paper of 1300 to 1500 words (this wordcount does not include any references and appendices) and must have it by Sunday 13 March 2022 by 2359 at the latest. They suggest that you may wish to consider structuring the paper in several sections, with appropriate subheadings to make the flow of the briefing clear.
They also explain that you may include any especially relevant references (using a normal academic reference standard) but that you should not include too many, bearing in mind that the NAA wants the focus to be on explaining compliance with these concepts and mechanisms. You should especially avoid any extensive references to specific detail that is contained in individual regulations. If you wish to allude to regulations you may use the Australian, European or USA systems, because your company has customers that operate in all these jurisdictions and so you are familiar with all three.
You may use the Harvard, APA or Oxford (Footnote/Bibliography) referencing system, but choose one and stay with it. Note that this includes any (brief) quotations or references to Course Notes (such as this AVIA5039), which must be appropriately cited.
UNSW School of Aviation AVIA5039 - Airworthiness for Transport Category Aircraft T1 2022 Assignment #1