Recent Question/Assignment

All the graphics should be in original format, not the image mode ( I.e. Pie charts. diagrams)
Requirements for Full Presentation
· Your presentation needs to be around 6-10 slides.
· There is no word limit for this assignment
· The main things I will be looking for are:
o The ability to prove your point using numbers
o The use of at least 2 graphs/charts ( pie chart, line graph and/or bar graph)
o Slide design
o Minto Argumentation
o A clear beginning – middle – end
o Title page, agenda, premise/objective, evidence, supporting details, examples, visuals, conclusion, References
o Proper APA documentation
· Ensure you meet all the Presentation Rubric Requirements
· Documents to Review for this assignment:
· Research Guidelines
· Storytelling Guidelines/Minto Argumentation
· Business Presentation
· Presentation Rubric