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ASSIGNMENT: Reaction Paper # 1 – Culture and Leadership
DUE: Sunday, February 27, 2022 AT NOON
Leaders are an important driver of corporate culture. In 2 ½-3 pages, research and discuss a leader who succeeded with creating, maintaining, and/or changing a corporate culture.
1) Chose a high-profile business leader that has emphasized culture as part of their successful leadership strategy.
The most obvious might come from this article: Steve Jobs, Tony Hsieh and 4 Other Pre-eminent Leaders Who Succeeded by Introducing a Culture
Other leaders I might recommend that are easily researched: Mary Barra, General Motors or Meg Whitman, Former CEO HP
2) Research the business leader beyond the articles provided. Many have been interviewed on YouTube, which will provide you with a more in-depth understanding of their leadership philosophy.
For example, you can find Mary Barra giving a Duke University Lecture, interviewed on CBS News Sunday Morning What Drives GM CEO Mary Barra and featured in Industry Week CEO Mary Barra is Driving Culture Change at General Motors in Industry Week
Tony Hsieh, founder of Zappos, has a lot of YouTube videos, Simon Sinek talks Culture with Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh and Core Values of Culture – Tony Hsieh, is profiled in Business Insider, How Tony Hsieh’s Philosophy on Zappos Culture Made Him a Visionary and more.
3) Your paper should highlight the following:
Who are they and what has been their career path?
How have they used culture to leverage their success as leaders?
If they created a new organization, what role did culture play in their vision? How have they maintained a successful culture as the company grew? Or how have they changed an existing corporate culture?
What is your opinion with regard to culture in organizations, especially as it relates to this case?
All papers should include a title, be double spaced, use 1 “ margins, Arial font, and proofread for errors. Word documents are preferred; PDF for those who do not have Word will be accepted. Cite your sources and include a bibliography using APA style. If you are new to citations, here is a quick guide to APA citation style:
Grading Rubric
____The paper provides a clear introduction to the business leader. (20 pts.)
____The paper connects the leader to the use of organizational culture. (25 pts.)
____The paper explores how the leader created, maintained, or changed culture to make the organization a success. (25 pts.)
____ You provide your own opinion on the importance of culture in organizations. (20 pts.)
____The paper is well-researched, referencing variety of articles and other resources (at least 3). The paper is written at a graduate level (1” margins, proofread, descriptive title, bibliography, APA citations, etc.) (10 pts.)
________TOTAL: Possible 100 points