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ASSIGNMENT: Reaction Paper # 2 – Culture and Power
DUE: Thursday, March 4, 2022 AT NOON
To provide some context, read one of these articles about power and organizational culture:
Organizational Power in Perspective
Power and Politics in Organizational Life
Choose a topic from the discussion board about culture and power. You may choose the topic you wrote about for the discussion post or choose a different topic. In 2 ½-3 pages, research and discuss this issue of how cultures also create power structures.
1) Chose a topic related to culture and power from the discussion board (DEI, gender, bullying, work-life balance) or provide a topic of your own related to culture and power.2) Research the topic further by drawing on one or two more articles.
3) Your paper should highlight the following:
What role does power play in organizational culture?
Why should we be concerned with this particular topic as it relates to organizational culture?
In what ways are DEI, gender, bullying, or work-life balance problematic if left unaddressed in the organizational culture? How can addressing these issue bring about a more productive organizational culture?
What is your opinion with regard this issue as it relates to culture in organizations?
All papers should include a title, be double spaced, use 1 “ margins, and proofread for errors. Word documents are preferred. Cite your sources and include a bibliography using APA style. If you are new to citations, here is a quick guide to APA citation style:
Grading Rubric
____The paper provides a clear introduction to power. (20 pts.)
____The paper introduces one issue of power as it relates to organizational culture. (25 pts.)
____The paper explores both possible negative impact if left unaddressed, as well as benefits to culture, if properly addressed. (25 pts.)
____ Provides your own opinion on the importance of this issue as it relates to culture in organizations. (20 pts.)
____The paper is well-researched, referencing at 1-2 other articles about the topic. The paper is written at a graduate level (1” margins, Arial font, proofread, descriptive title, bibliography, APA citations, etc.) (10 pts.)
________TOTAL: Possible 100 points