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Individual In Class Activity #1 - Due MARCH 6
Individual In Class Activity #1 -
Before you complete this activity you must complete the readings for chapters 3 and 10, and watch the videos and read the articles in the folder on Leadership, Management, Culture and Empowerment.
This is an individual report (no group work permitted). Please use APA citation for your research.
Choose three companies in the hospitality (service) industry.
a) Examine their Web sites, look for mission statements, press releases, annual reports (if any) articles, new service delivery strategies, updates, new announcements (anything you can find on how they handle their service delivery, leadership and employee empowerment during Covid19).
b) How do they communicate their new service strategy during Covid19?
c) Can you find any indication of how much they empower their employees?
d) Write a 500 word report comparing these three companies' service messages for Covid19