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I want to clarify the interview assignment. You are conducting 3 interviews, which you can do in person, Zoom or via the phone. You want to have a conversation with your interviewees about their experience with streaming services. You do NOT have to create new questions. I'm anticipating you will use the interview questions you created in a previous module. My goal was to build on the previous assignment so you get experience with the interview process and an opportunity for analysis (via the report that is due next week).
For this report, you need to complete a minimum of three 20-minute interviews. The goal of this assignment is to provide you with an opportunity to conduct and analyze qualitative research. Based on the limited nature of this assignment, you won't be able to generalize the data, but you will have the chance to prepare questions, experience what it’s like to conduct interviews, and comment on your findings/experience.
Since this is an online class, you need to invite participants, including selecting a date/time and finding a location. You can rely on some of your readings for tips. You each will develop a list of individual questions to ask participants based on a common research goal. Please note: You are not required to read directly from the list of questions, but you should use this as a guide. To help you later write a report, I recommend recording the interviews so that you can refer back to them as needed. In your role as an interviewer, you should be taking notes about the conversation, the people and the format.
Some things you may want to observe include:
What information was discussed?Did people appear interested?Who did you speak with? Was it mostly males or females? Are there other demographic factors worth noting?Did people feel comfortable sharing information? What was discussed? Were participants interested? Was the conversation confrontational, informative, etc?What information was discussed?Report (minimum 2 full pages)
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Don't use Interview Assignment; instead use a title that describes your findings
Part I — Introduction
Write a one-paragraph introduction to the study that includes a brief description of the purpose and any background information we may need to understand.)
Part II — Methodology
Write a one-two paragraph overview of the methodology
describe the research subjectsdescribe how your was data collecteddiscuss your roleadvantages/disadvantages of this particular methodology
Part III — Data Analysis
What are the results of your study?
In 3-4 paragraphs, discuss your data. Your data should be reported as a narrative. (You may use first person.)Do not describe the research as a “blow-by-blow” of we discussed this first, second, third. Instead, pick themes and discuss what you found (e.g., topics). It's likely that you won't be able to address every detail of the conversation or all of the themes so you will pick the most important ones. Often as researchers, it's our job to analyze the findings and select items that are important to the organization or the goal of the research project.
Part IV — Experience as a Researcher
In one paragraph, discuss your experience as a researcher. This paragraph should address topics such as: your role, how did this impact your research? For example, if I’m part of the community this might impact my research in positive or negative way. Did you find it difficult to use objectivity? Was it challenging to get people to talk or to get some people to stop talking? (This paragraph is an opportunity for you to reflect on the research process, including its limitations for you personally. Remember, every research project has limitations so this does not necessarily lower your grade.)
Part V — Conclusion
In one paragraph, discuss conclusions that you can draw from the data collected. Note limitations to the study (unless you covered them above--do not repeat yourself), and suggest ideas for future research.
The interview should be about streaming service.