Recent Question/Assignment

Using a website like Interbrand, select one of the world’s most important brands. Once selected students need to answer the following questions:
1. Does this brand convey trust? If so why? Why not?
2. Using the aspects of trust building analysed in the text, students should analyse each brand’s advertising, public relations and other forms of communication to ascertain the purpose of the communication and the message being conveyed
. 3. Does the brand show evidence of loyalty? Justify your answer with examples.
4. How personal is each brand’s communication?
5. Pick a brand you trust and compare its communication with the brand above.
6. Does the brand you chose communicate more personally than competing brands in its category?
Notes on Presenting Your Brand Analysis Remember, the general format for a case study is given. Use the text, marketing journals, company websites and on-line resources to answer the questions, referencing all sources you use. Some other hints: • Use the course study guide or Moodle as starting points but read beyond them. Find original sources.