Recent Question/Assignment

Assignment Case Description: You work as a Director (Research) for a marketing research firm located in GTA (Greater Toronto area). Your manager recently has ask you to do a research presentation on the current housing crisis in Ontario. Your manager asked you to make an Informative Presentation and circulate it among the senior management.
You task is to make a 7-10 PowerPoint presentation explaining the relevant information about the situation. It is your job to create an informative PowerPoint presentation explaining the topic in enough details. You will be required to use graphics, charts, and written information. Think of yourself presenting this information to your team and what information is needed and why. In your presentation you should have a recommendation slide stating what should be done to change the situation.

Your presentation slides should include the following:

Agenda – There is a roadmap for the presentation

Background - Information is appropriate and complete and relates to the fundamental issue

Main Message – The main message is clear

Structure – Recommendations and arguments are clear and easy understand

Story – The deck tells a story. Easy to digest

Graphics-look and feel – The visuals are sufficient to make the deck more compelling

Other suggestions: You most important task is to think of the following items when building your presentation
What – What do you want to tell the senior management about the study?

Why – Why do you want to tell SM, i.e., why it is important to tell them about “what” you are telling them?

How – How would you structure your contents and materials, i.e., what would be order of slides / order of contents on a given slide/ using appropriate title headings of slides/etc.

Conclusions – What would be the top 2-3 important conclusions SM needs to know

Next steps for SM – what actions would you want SM to take after this presentation