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Programme Title BSc (Hons) Psychiatric Nursing.
Module Title
Personal and Professional Development 1 (Student Copy)
Stage 1 level 6
Credit Value
5 Credits
Module Weighting
Assessment Weighting
Co Requisite Assessment
Delivery Date
February 2022
Submission Date
Via moodle on 4th Aril 2022 at 11am.
Provisional Results
Following Progression and Award Board
Programme lecturer
Margaret Prendergast and Rosaleen Murray
Department Nursing, Health Sciences and Social Care, GMIT.Castlebar
Assignment Aim
This module aims to enable the student to develop a clearer understanding of mental health recovery and mental health care philosophies as they apply to psychiatric nursing practice and an awareness of themselves as beginning mental health practitioners.
Assignment Brief Discuss the importance of reflective practice in mental health nursing with reference to developing skills in personal and professional development. (1500 words) 75%
Using a reflective model of your choice provide a written reflection on a practice issue (from your placement experience) which contributed to your PPD development.
( 500 words) 25%

1. Ensure your work refers to relevant literature and relevant key professional reports (essential).
2. The Harvard Referencing system and its conventions must be used.
3. Practice examples must be anonymized.
4. The focus must be on mental health nursing.
5. Focus on why this benefits practice/service user.
6. Avoid using any referencing software (non GMIT)
7. Refer to the GMIT library website for additional information on academic writing skills.
Suggested answer to include
Ref to NMBI
Ref to Benner et al
Gibbs/Schon model is utilized effectively.
Evidence of the student engaging with issues and demonstration of thinking skills.
Consideration of refection as a way of developing expertise through building self-awareness skills, collaborative learning, organized thinking and working with others professionals.