Recent Question/Assignment

PFA a sheet with the assignment questions. Pls let me know how much it will cost and time to complete.
1. Write a news report on any one of the theme mentioned in MJM026 Unit 2 and subtitle 2.6. The report should have relevance to your district. Two quotes need to be generated from your district and incorporated in your story. The word limit is 400-500.
2. Refer to UN document of SDG [ Global%20Indicator%20Framework%20after%202021%20refinement_Eng.pdf / refer any UN portal] and identify any one of the 169 indicators. Through systematic journalistic research, write a publishable backgrounder on any one of the SDG indicator. Backgrounder may have relevance in international/national/regional levels. Word limit 400-500.
3. Through online, identify any reputed Scientific Journals and Publications- the source of information about current research happening in the field of Science and Technology. These journals and publications contain results of various scientific studies done by scientists in laboratories around the world. Select any one recent scientific results published in the journal/ publication. You should first understand the findings and then write a story based on the information provided in the findings. Write a news story based on the scientific article, and give adequate citation details for the original article in your story. The word limit 400-500.
4. Based on various secondary sources, write an audio news script about any newsmaker of 2020/2021. Create a podcast based on your audio script, and share it through your Google Drive. Submit your audio script along with the Google Drive sharable link. The podcast duration is around 2-3 minutes.
5. Using the portal/similar online sources, create 6-8 infographics on recent developments on any given news scenario with regional/national/international relevance. Write a video script for these infographics [30 seconds script for each infographic]. Record your script with the help of your mobile. With the use of any online video editing App, combine your infographics and voiceovers. Export your video and upload it into your Google Drive. Submit your video script along with your infographic [include sharable Google Drive link of your video with your assignment].