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Faculty of Business Management
Villa College
Course Work/Assessments brief (year 2021-22)
Module code ECON 1002
Module Name Principles of Economics
Assessment components (1) (2)
Due dates 20 March 2022 10th April 2022
Assessment Weighting Written assignment: 30% Presentation: 20%
Programme/s BABM, BABMM
Lecturer Abuzar Khan
Module objectives relate to the assessments.
• Demonstrate understanding the role and limitations of economic theory in analyzing a range of policy issues of relevance to modern business.
• Understand and interpret the economic structures of national economies and the components of national income and expenditure
• Demonstrate understanding to relate learning in class to contemporary economic developments and events.
Report (individual)
Assesment1, Report: analysis on labor market issues by focusing on the gap between the required skill and the available skills from local context. Focus must be given on the capacity of provision of higher education, skill-based education to cater labor demand of the industries. Use relevant literature and provide recommendation on addressing issues in the labor market
Marking criteria
Content weight Earned Comments
Analysis and evaluation of labor market 20
Evaluation of higher education and skill-based training opportunities available for people 20
Usage of literature 20
Recommendations 20
Presentation of the report, level of academic writing and referencing 20
Total Marks
Total marks
Comments: The strengths and weakness of the report
Strengths Weakness
Assessment 2, Group presentation: Analyze the factors influencing the out flaw of foreign currency and its negative impact to the national economy. Identify these factors from a broader perspective such as increasing foreign labor, depending highly on imported goods, foreign ownership of local business and other relevant factors.
Marking criteria
Presentation content weight Earned Comments
Analysis and evaluation of the issues 15
Identification of factors influencing the outflow of cash 10
Use of relevant literature 20
Quality if writing, presentation, and usage of language 20
Referencing. 10
Presentation skills
Communication skills verbal and nonverbal 8
Usage of language 7
Strategies used to attract audience 5
Attire and readiness to the presentation 5
Total Marks
Additional comments:
Due date and submission:
Your assignment must be submitted on before the due dates mentioned at the top of this assignmnet brief. Marks for submissions within 24 hour window of the due date will be capped at 50%.. Late submissiosn without a valid supporting document will be given zero marks.
The submitted assignment will automatically undergo a similarity check. If plagiarism is detected, marks would be deducted as per college policy on plagiarism and assessment offence.
Feedback and support
For academic writing and referencing support get support through student store (e-tutes)
Summative assessment feedback will be provided to the students by the lecturer/coordinator.
Layout and formatting
Your work should be word processed in 12-point typeface (preferably Arial) with either 1 1/2 or double spacing, with line spaces between paragraphs.
The first page (cover page) of your coursework should include:
o Faculty name
o Module name and code
o student name and numbers.
o Lecturer name
Content of the report
- Introduction of the report
- Analysis and evaluation of economic issues
- Analysis and evaluation of literature
- Availability of higher education and training opportunities
- Recommendation to solve problems
- Conclusion
- Referencing
Word limit
Presentation: based on the task brief
Portfolio: word counts are included in task brief
The above allocation of number of words are strict.
Referencing materials
Key references
Geenlaw, S. A. and Shapiro, D. (2017) Principles of Economics. 2nd ed. University. OpenStax.
Griffiths, A. and Wall, S. (2011) Economics for Business and Management. 3rd edition. Pearson.
Sherman, H. Hunt, E.K. Nesiba, R.F. O’Hara, P. and Wiens-Tuers, B.A. (2008) Economics. An Introduction to Traditional and Progressive Views. 7th ed. Roultedge.
Gillespie, A. (2007) Foundations of Economics. 5th ed. Oxford.
Search materials from the library:
For additional referencing sources check module handbook.
Referencing style
Please adhere to the principles of good academic practice and ensure you reference all sources used when developing your assessment, using the UWE Harvard system. Failure to properly reference your work to original source material can be grounds for the assessment offence of plagiarism and may result in failure of the assessment or have more serious implications.
Use the following link to learn UWE Harvard referencing
Grading criteria
Grade Notion Marks Grade point
High Distinction HD 85-100 4.00
Distinction DN 75-84 3.00
Credit CR 65-74 2.00
Pass PP 50-64 1.00
Fail FF 0-49 0.00
Fail Hurdle FH NA 0.00
Satisfactory (pass where no grade is given) SA NA NA
Unsatisfactory (Fail where no grade is given) US NA NA
In Progress IP - NA
Credit Transfer CT - NA
Authorized withdrawal WD - NA