Recent Question/Assignment

The following assessment item invites students to analyse a family interaction through the lens of family strengths, growth and development theory and the impact of family, environment and culture on health outcomes for children and families. This assessment enables students to address unit learning outcomes 1,3,4,5 primarily.
After watching and analysing this 6 minute video depicting a First Nations Australian family at mealtime, answer two (2) of the three (3) following prompt questions.
1. Utilising child development theory, analyse and compare the behaviours and developmental stages of the siblings, use specific examples from the video to support any conclusions drawn.
2. Discuss the influence of family, culture and/or environment on possible health outcomes for these children. Use specific examples from the video content and evidence from credible literature to support discussion.
3. Applying a strengths lens, identify and discuss the characteristics of this family that will support family flourishing and family health outcomes, use evidence from credible literature to support discussion.
Submission Details:
• Please provide a cover sheet with the unit number, unit name, assessment item title and your student number.
• Please double space your work and use Times New Roman 12 size font
• 2.54cm margins are to be applied to document (these are the 'normal' standard margins in a word document)
• The responses to the 2 chosen questions will be a maximum of 3 pages TOTAL
• Indicate the question chosen prior to beginning your response. Each response should have a brief introductory paragraph, then the analysis should focus on a few salient observations supported by relevant theory, and a brief concluding paragraph.
• A reference list will be included at the end of the document (additional to the 3 pages for the responses), it will be correctly formatted using APA 7th edition referencing style to acknowledge any sources cited within the document.
• The responses to your chosen questions will be written in a scholarly way, drawing on contemporary (typically within the last 8 years - you can also use seminal child development theories which are more dated) and credible sources.