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In this assessment task you will explore the role that a particular technology can play in education by creating an infographic. It is recommended to use Canva to create your poster but you may choose any tool that you wish. Your poster and reflection should be no longer than three A4 pages in length and should consist of:
o an infographic
? infographic reference list
o a 250-word reflection
? reflection reference list
• Where appropriate you should use in-text and end-text referencing (style: APA 7th Edition) for the text and images in your infographic and for the text in your reflection.

Part A: Create an Infographic
Choose a web-based tool or a digital device that could be a useful tool in an educational setting and create an infographic that reviews its features and relates them to the continuum of information communication technology capabilities in the Australian curriculum.
Do not:
Choose a digital device (e.g. iPad, laptop, smartboard, digital camera, etc)
Review a device itself i.e. do not review how an ipad can be used in class,
You can:
Choose an app or software that runs on these deveices,
You can pick a peice of technology that has a designated educational function like Lego Robotics, or Beebots if you are interested in physical technologes instead of purly software based tools.
This website contains an extensive directory of tools and software that might help you, there are many others not listed here so make sure to search online for others.
Your infographic should be visually appealing and be created using a balance of both images and text. Specifically, your infographic MUST cover the following aspects:
1. Define and describe the use of the tool, software or device
2. Describe how it may be used effectively in an educational setting, linking it to the Australian curriculum
3. Indicate the pros and cons for using it in an educational setting
4. A short review about what areas of the ICT general capabilities The tool/deveice suppoerts for students - ideally here you will link it to specific sub-elements adn levels of the ICT capabilites framework.
Part B: Reflection
Reflect succinctly in 300 (+/-10%) words on your own learning experience as you created your infographic and discuss connections between this assessment task and the course content and weekly readings. Keep your writing short and consice you only have a limited word count.
Specifically your reflection should cover the following:
o Reflect on what you have learned through undertaking this task, why did you choose the tool you did.
o What have you discoverd about using technology in schools and how it might affect your future career
o Discuss connections between the assessment task and relvent literature from either the course content and weekly readings or others you have found
o What worked well, what did you struggle with and how did you overcome those problems
o Try to link your comments to the to the AITSL (APST) listed below, how have you demonstrated them through this asessment.

AITSL Standards:
This assessment provides the opportunity to develop evidence that demonstrates these Standards:
2.6 - Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
3.4 - Select and use resources
4.5 - Use ICT safely, responsibly and ethically
6.2 - Engage in professional learning and improve practice
o Assessment 1 Rubric - [Click Here] [Click Here] - Alternative Formats
o Australian Curriculum - [Click Here]
o Rubric for eLearning Tool Evaluation - [Click Here] [Click Here] - Alternative Formats
How to export, prepare and submit Assessment 1
How to export, prepare and submit Assessment 1
Video Guide
What we are expecting you to submit is:
1. 1x PDF that contains your infographic, infographic references, reflection and reflection references.
3. Make sure your files are named: FirstName_LastName_IDNUMBER
5. Where to submit the files:
o Submit the same file to both of the submission links in the unit
o One submission point is for us to mark for you, the second is for academic integrity checking.

• Please Note: Your submission is not considered complete unless both submission points are used.
Assessment 1 - infographic and Reflection Submission
Please use this submission point (click the title of this box) to submit your infographic and reflection for marking, these should be submitted as one document.
If you submit before the due date you can submit additional attempts if you make edits or changes. The most recent file versions will be the ones we mark.
Please note: This assessment is marked out of 100 but will contribute 25% to your final grade.
End of Assessment 1
End of Assessment 1