Recent Question/Assignment

Assessment :
In groups, you need to design a packaged tour for 15 international tourists (any age cohort) who want to visit Sydney in June for 5 days. Use a catchy title for this report, support your argument with in-text references and consider factors that affect your tour including:
· Seasonality: seasonality’s impacts on
· Visitors
· Hosts
· Your group’s psychographic, demographic, geographic, and behavioural characteristics (e.g. their preferences based on their ethnicity and age group).
· Competitors marketing strategies (What discounting strategies competitors are offering during the low season in Sydney), competitors can be another destination or a company that offers tours in Sydney.
· Recommendations: considering your group’s characteristics what would you do to improve their experiences; also what do you recommend to minimise the impacts of seasonality and how to compete effectively with other competitors.
· Appendices: A trip itinerary using excel, showing stops, activities, accommodation and price for each one of these components, fixed and variable prices, total price, and break-even point. (Appendices are not counted in the word count)
In addition, you are required to make sure that your packaged tour is attractive and appealing to your customers (e.g. use images/charts/tables etc…). Remember to make your images, pictures colourful, and appropriate to the topic. Layout flows well, shows creativity, and is pleasing to the eye.