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X-Fill Gold Mining is a large client of AHEC and has been for many years. AHEC services and repairs all of their mining equipment both on-site and in a number of AHEC’s remote maintenance out-stations. Recently, X-Fill Gold Mining has been seeking to expand its mining operations and acquired a small mining Company’s operation. This operation is based in the Northern Territory about 50km north east of the town of Katherine.
For an extra $20 million, the small Company (Northern Star Mining) have offered X-Fill Gold Mining the chance to buy all of their surplus mining equipment. X-Fill Gold Mining has not yet committed to the purchase of this 2nd hand mining equipment and has engaged the consultancy services of their trusted engineering support, AHEC.
X-Fill Gold Mining want AHEC to investigate the status/condition of the equipment and provide recommendations including approximate costings to repair / remediate the equipment or reject it.
Due to COVID travel restrictions, AHEC could only send a small team of technicians to inspect the equipment. They have done a good job so far and have identified many of the repair issues which is making the deal look really good for X-Fill Gold Mining; however, the team have little experience with corrosion at the engineering level. They have identified a number of potential corrosion issues in key pieces of mining equipment but need expert engineering advice to form the final opinion for X-Fill Gold Mining. They have sent a series of photos of the damage for you to look at and analyse.
Your task is to support our team and valued client with the very best engineering investigation work that you have ever done (this is your chance to show everyone at AHEC what you can do).
You will be assigned a piece or element of mining equipment in your area of practice and you are to:
• Investigate and determine if it is corrosion damage.
• Determine the type and cause(s) of corrosion as it relates to the damaged equipment.
• Determine the repair strategy along with an estimation of the associated time and costs.
• Propose any preventative measures to extend the life of the damaged equipment.
• Present the risks associated with further operations without your preventative measures in place.
• Provide a recommendation or two whether it is worth buying this equipment and repairing it.
• What it is?
• How it comes?
• What can we see?
• Tell behind?
• How can we fix it?

Both your and AHEC’s credibility as well as millions of dollars hinges on this work and your recommendations, so it must be valid engineering quality work. No guessing, cut & paste, or unsupported risks, figures or rubbish. You are employed as an Engineer.

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