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GBD130 – Communications, Ethics, CSR
Article Analysis Assignment
Task - Submit an article analysis in essay form that is 400-500 words, not including Title page and References.
1. Present your article analysis in a formal essay that will include:
• Introduction of your topic and article
• Summary of your Primary Source- Chosen article
• Discussion of your secondary sources and their connection to your primary source
• Concluding/ final thoughts
• 3 sources: I primary and 2 secondary sources
• Must include referencing (in-text citations and References) in proper APA format
• Must include title page, introduction, thesis statement, body, conclusion, references section (References)
• Must include at least 1 quote, no graphs or charts are needed
• Formal essay: including an introduction with thesis statement, body and conclusion
Topic: Ethics - COVID-19 and industry/business within a global perspective. You can focus on any business
Areas of focus should include the following:
• Impact on the industry/business
• How the industry/business has recovered or is recovering from this pandemic
Quick Notes:
1. Minimum of three sources
a. One primary article
b. Two secondary sources that support your primary article
2. Include Cover page and References
3. APA format (please remember this important detail as many left this out in your previous assignment