Recent Question/Assignment

Assignment 1
Q1) Identify and explain some of the negative connotations of a financial planner belonging to a dealer group owned by one of the big 4 banks.
(Identify financial industry information sources and outline research techniques for accessing this information).
Q2) Explain the concept of dividend imputation and illustrate how a self-managed superannuation fund can derive a taxation benefit from fully franked dividends.
(Describe the key features of taxation and social security systems and regulations, and their effect on specified financial products).
Q3) Asset allocation has a role to play in risk reduction. Explain how the concepts of diversification and asset allocation differ, and the role each plays in the risk- reduction process.
(Outline the key aspects of theories of investment, portfolio management and management of investment and risk).
Assignment 2 (Scenario Based)
Q1) _ Based on the scenario information, how should Shelley and Raymond best utilise their revised net savings capacity?
Q2) _If you were Shelley and Raymond’s financial planner, how would you advise them with regard investing the $100,000 bank borrowing?
Q3) _How would you test the integrity of the advice you provide in 2) above?
Q4) _ Based on the scenario information, how would you assess Shelley and Raymond’s priorities regarding the proposed investment?