Recent Question/Assignment

* Solve the problem by writing Python code in a project in Replit
* When you are ready and you tested the script, download the project with the .py file from (downloads in a .zip file) - Click three vertical dots in the file manager bar, select 'Download as zip'.
* Unpack the .zip file in the downloads folder of your computer and upload the .py file
* Define a variable named ‘dataset’ that contains the following information:
Artist Track Plays
Dire Straits Sultans of Swing 65
Pink Floyd Comfortably Numb 23
The Smiths Cemetery Gates 15
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds The Ship Song 36
Dire Straits Brothers in Arms 20

* Print the artist and track (title) of songs with more than 25 plays. Each artist and track combination is printed on a separate line.
* Loop through the items in dataset. Print all track titles of songs by The Dire Staits. Printing just the titles is ok, each title is printed on a separate line.
* Append all plays to a new list 'plays' during the aforementioned loop. At the end of the script, print the total number of plays. This is the total number of plays of all 5 songs.