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NURS1014 Social and Cultural Diversity
Assessment 2 Semester 1 2022 – Essay
Due Friday April 1st 4pm
Word Count for this assessment is 1500 words (+/- 10%) – Weighting 30%
The purpose of this essay is for students to discuss sociological elements which impact poor health outcomes.
Outline - Health issue - Alcoholism
The World Health Organisation, 2018, defined alcohol as “a toxic and psychoactive substance with dependence producing properties” (WHO, 2018, para.1). For many modern societies and the individuals who inhabit it, consuming alcoholic beverages is a routine part of the social culture. Social settings evoke the greatest use of alcohol, nationally and internationally. Due to this social nature, alcohol intake is easily discounted as being a health issue and consequently the social damage caused, or contributed to, by drinking is not understood (WHO, 2018).
Worldwide 3 million deaths each year are directly related to the consumption of alcohol, furthermore the consumption of alcohol significantly contributes to the disabilities and poor health of millions of others (WHO, 2018). Statistically the consumption of regular amounts of alcohol is responsible for 5.1% of the global burden of disease (WHO, 2018).
Utilising a sociological lens, discuss how different elements of society can influence an individual to consume alcohol and the consequences of this behaviour for the community and for the healthcare system.
Include in your response
- Integration of one or more relevant sociological theories to support your analysis
- Discussion of this health issue from a micro, macro and global viewpoint with reference to the structure-agency debate
- An appraisal of how alcoholism impacts nursing and the healthcare system
- A Reflection (100 words) expressing how you, as a registered nurse, can provide supportive care for a patient diagnosed with alcoholism (this paragraph may be written in the 1st person tense)
Word Count 1500 words (+/- 10%)
Write your essay in the 3rd person tense except for the Reflection (100 words) – See Above
Include a minimum of eight scholarly journal articles. All references must be published within the last 10 years. In text and end text referencing is required. Ensure academic format with appropriate referencing using APA Style Guide 7th Edition.
Refer to Assessment 2 Essay Rubric for guidance
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? Copy of assignment to be retained by the student
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