Recent Question/Assignment

Assessment Task
In this assessment you will be asked to complete the documentation for a java project using use case diagrams and robustness diagrams.
You will also be asked to write additional unit tests and complete the Java Server Pages (JSP's) associated with the project.
Before you start make sure that you have the correct packages installed on your computer. If you have been following the course using your own computer, you should already have all of the following installed. (You can use a MAC or a Linux based computer but this assessment has only been tested on a PC).
This assessment has been tested against Netbeans 8.1 and Java 8 AND Netbeans 12 and Java 11. This means you can do the assessment using university machines (java 8/NB 8.x) or on your own home machine if you have installed Java 11.
Instructions for both scenarios are provided below.
Java 11 / Netbeans 12 You will need:
• java 11 JDK
• Netbeans 12 (11 will also do)
• apache maven
• Tomcat
Instructions for installing these packages are provided with the class notes
Java 8
You will need:
• java 8 JDK (do NOT use a later version with Netbeans 8.2)
• Netbeans 8.2 (Jave EE or All version) with the optional tomcat package (which is an option in the installer)
• apache maven
Instructions for installing these packages are provided with the class notes
Getting Started
This TCA is designed for you to complete at home.
It should be possible to complete the assessment in 2 hours but due to the special circumstances you will have 24 hours to submit your response.
You will be given access to a ZIP FILE containing a maven project.
Download and extract this zip file to a folder in your user account on the C: drive on your machine.
Before you begin the assessment, make sure you can compile project using maven mvn clean install
Check you can load and run the project in tomcat from netbeans and that you can access the web page of the application at http://localhost:8080/ticketgate/ Contact your tutor if you have any problems at this stage.
You may, if you find it useful, access your previous work through git or use any other online resources which helps you to complete this exercise.
At the end of the assessment you will upload your completed code to SOL
If you have any problems getting started, the instructions are not clear or you get seriously stuck because of a technical problem not related to this exercise, talk to your tutor.
For this assessment you will be required to:
1. Read the scenario.
2. Complete the use case and robustness diagrams in the UMLmodel/drawio folder .
3. Complete the provided code demonstrating you understand how a complex object oriented project is constructed.
The full exercise begins in the section below; Project Brief : Station Ticket System
Finishing up
At the end of the allocated time you will be asked to stop work.
To make saving the project manageable, clean out all target folders before zipping by using mvn clean
Zip your cleaned git project, Name the zip file WITH YOUR NAME and submit it to sol. e.g. yournamedate-
Where 'yourname' should be replaced with your name and date should be replaced with the current date. e.g. craiggallen-27-12-19- Upload the zipped file to SOL
Assessment criteria
We will allocate 50% of marks for design documentation and 50% for implementation.
There is no requirement to complete the documentation before you complete the code. However any documentation you submit should reflect the implementation. Do as much as you can of ALL the tasks to maximise your overall score. So don't spend too much time on any one task.
Design and documentation (UML) (50%)
All of the models are contained in in the UMLmodel/drawio folder
1. Complete use-case diagram 20%
2. Complete robustness diagram 25%
3. Ensure markdown references refer to your diagrams (gif) which describe usage of your code 5%
Implementation (50%)
4. complete the test classes in the ticket-gate-model and ticket-gate-service module (25%).
Tests need added to this project to test the ticket-gate-model and the ticketgate-service
Specifically you MUST complete the uncompleted tests (three test methods 6% each ) in
and you MUST complete the uncompleted test (one test method 7%) in to test the Ticket.toXML() and Ticket.fromXML()
5. Complete the user JSP for opening a gate (25%).
Specifically you should complete openGate.jsp
You do not need to change any other code in this project.
Project Brief : Station Ticket System version 0.1