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IFN555 Assignment A
Weighting: 30% Total Marks: 100 Individual
Due Date: 11.59 pm Sunday 3rd April (Week 4)
Submission: Online via Blackboard
Problem Specification:
Part A
Write a program named MyTest that declares five variables to hold scores (integer numbers) for five tests you have taken and accepts these test scores from a user. Display the average of the test scores to two decimal places. (20 marks)
Part B
Write a program named BlenderXYZ for a blender company that performs the following three tasks.
Task 1: Displays the company motto, which is “Make your things smooth”. This motto should be surrounded by a border composed of repeated &. (15 marks)
Task 2: The program prompts the user for a name, street address, city, post code, state, and quantity of blenders ordered at $35.50 each. (20 marks)
Task 3: Display all the input data
Calculate and display the following using an attractive format: (45 marks)
• Amount due before tax, defined as number of blenders ordered times cost for each.
• Sales tax, defined as 5% of the amount due.
• Net due, defined as the amount due plus the sales tax.
The screenshot for this task may look like the following figure.

Note that the currency format is required for all currency values.
In developing your program, please take note of the following:
I. You should not use any C# concepts which have not been taught as part of Lectures and covered in Tutorials for this assignment.
Use only Lectures 1 & 2, and Tutorials 1 & 2.
II. You will have only one method, the Main() method, for each of the
Parts A and B. Do not write any other method in the Main() methods.
III. You should develop your application using simple logic.
IV. Use comments to explain the different parts of your code.
V. Test your code using your own test data covering multiple data sets.
VI. Your program should not have any compilation/execution errors.

Project Deliverables:
Zip your two project folders (one each for Parts A and B) into one Zip file and upload this single zipped file onto BB using Assessment 2 – Assignment A link under the Assessment tab. The link will be available only from Wednesday 30th March 2022.
You can only upload twice. The latest submission will ONLY be marked.
If special circumstances prevent you from meeting the assessment due date, you can apply for an extension. If you do not have an approved extension you should submit the work, you have completed by the due date and it will be marked against the assessment criteria.