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Part 2 - Video Application
In Topic 10, you will have begun preparing an application for the ‘real’ job that you found in your ‘job search’ (,, JORA, etc.). In Assessment 3: Part 2 you will make a short video (60 to 90 seconds) that presents your best case for your selected job position. You should use resources that are immediately available to you (mobile phone camera, camcorder, or laptop camera) to record and edit your video as you feel appropriate. You can add text, graphics and sound effects if you believe it is appropriate, but these additions are not required. This is an opportunity to present your personal style and cultural fit with the organisation, not a test of your video making skills.
You must customise this ‘Job Application’ (i.e. your video script and style of presentation) to reflect your skills and most importantly, what you believe are the requirements and skills relevant to the job advertisement in Part 1. That means you will have to write a script and then record a video that presents your case persuasively and your unique claims to the position advertised. Remember the video is only 60 to 90 seconds long. So, you need to be clear, succinct and appropriate in style and tone. That means you need to dress appropriately, speak in the appropriate register/tone, and record the video in an appropriate location. You will also need to customise your presentation to provide the best evidence of the claims you are about to make for your chosen ‘applied-for’ job position in your video. That means you can include text slides, photos, and subtext, if relevant. Remember, a ‘native’ video submission in LinkedIn or any other social media platform will appear as a visual of the first frame of your video. So, including a title text or introduction slide creates the best impression. Lastly, this is an opportunity to showcase your creativity and communication skills, but it does not require a ‘Hollywood’ production.