Recent Question/Assignment

Solve the problem by writing Python code in a project in Replit
When you are ready and you tested the script, download the project with the .py file from (downloads in a .zip file) - Click three vertical dots in the file manager bar, select 'Download as zip'.
Unpack the .zip file in the downloads folder of your computer and upload the .py file that is in there to Blackboard.
* Read the data in file artistsong.csv (Available at as a list of dictionaries.
* Add a key '25playsormore' to each dictionary with a value 1 if the number of plays is 25 or greater. Otherwise, the value of the key  '25playsormore' should be 0.
* Write the data into a new file called artistsong_update.csv (i.e., artist, track, plays, 25playsormore).