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Essay - describing a community you belong to and identifying an issue for change.
Friday 8th April, 11.59pm.
Length = 1,000
Curriculum = Essay
The details of the assignment are as follows:
1. Describe a community to which you belong - give a rich description of the community. You should refer to definitions of community discussed in class and in your reading - for example in Ife (2016) chapter 5, pp100-108, and/or Kenny (2011) chapter 2, pp44-53. How does your community reflect the characteristics described in the readings? (About 400 words)
Approachin Change.pptx
Values and CD.pptx
2. Identify an issue in your community that could be improved and make the community better. Think about this issue in terms of social justice (i.e fairness, equity, participation - see for example Kenny (2011) p24.). In other words, is there some way in which the community might be a little unfair/unequal for some of the members? (About 400words)
3. How could your community be better? What needs to change? How could this issue be changed? (What structures, relationships, processes etc could be addressed?) (About 200 words)
The overriding focus of this assignment is based on you knowing your community well - its strengths and issues, being able to identify an issue for change and being able to describe that change in terms of increased fairness and equity.
Preferred Community = Riverwood Community
Thank you in advance.

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