Recent Question/Assignment

Assignment Overview: (Word count: 1400 excluding end text references).
Identify from the peer-reviewed literature the necessary nursing responsibilities for quality healthcare in Australia.
In preparation for your essay, you need to:
Search the ECU library databases to locate sufficient articles to support your discussion. Use a minimum of six peer-reviewed journal articles (Australian and global) to support your discussion. (Note you may use the three articles provided for Assessment 1.
• Write an introduction.
• Write body paragraphs in which you synthesise the information from the six articles and the Nursing and Midwifery Codes and Standards to support your discussion points

Each body paragraph should contain one (Nursing and Midwifery board of Australia)NMBA standard and one code of conduct. 250 words in each paragraph
• Write a conclusion.
• Provide in-text and end-text references using APA 7th edition Style consistently and accurately.
Font, Line Spacing and Margins
• Font: Times New Roman size 12, Arial size 11 or Calibri size 11.
• Font colour: Black. You may submit your work in blue if you have a Learning and Assessment Plan in which this has been recommended.
• Line spacing: Double (2.0) including the end-text reference list
• Margins: 2.54cms top, bottom, left and right.
• Line justification: Text should be aligned left (not justified) with a first line indent for each new paragraph
. • Page numbers: Top right-hand corner starting on the first title page of the assignment.
• Headers and footers: not required.
Note: I will provide you three articles from my first assignment. So you need to find three more from peer-reviewed journal article published between 2016- 2022
No content page required
No tile page required