Recent Question/Assignment

Unions and organizations:
2. Actors' Equity Association
34. Educational Theatre Association - and International
Thespian Society
43. International Association of Theatrical and Stage
Employees (IATSE)
60. League of Professional Theatre Women
61. League of Resident Theatres (LORT)
90. Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers
92. Stage Managers Association, US
101. Unites States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT)
102. United Scenic Artists, Local 829
Research each union and organization and tell me the following:
-mission statement of the union or the organization
-what type of artist or technician is it geared towards
-membership requirements
-costs associated with joining
-when was the union/org. founded?
-what is the website of the organization
THEN, write me a short essay on: your opinion of unions, meaning, what are the positives of joining a union and what are the drawbacks to joining a union?