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2.5.2 Presentation
Weight: 30%
Type of Collaboration: Individual
Due: Week 5; the exact date and time of your presentation will be confirmed by your tutor
Submission: Presentations will be done live over Zoom and you will be asked to display your presentation slides using the screen-sharing function on Zoom. The presentation slides need to be submitted to Turnitin by 9am on the day of your scheduled presentation.
Format: TOPIC: Supporting Wellbeing and Resilience at Whole Class Level Each group member is asked to provide a 4 minutes individual presentation on the above topic drawing on their individual teaching philosophy. The Individual presentations will be done straight after the group presentation.
Length: 4 mins for each individual section
Curriculum Mode: Presentation
The individual component of Assessment 1 relates to the 'Promote' aspect of the GRIP framework and it is completed individually by each group member. This component asks you to move beyond the individual student in your scenario and explain how you plan to support children’s wellbeing and resilience at whole class level. You are expected to include relevant theories and research to substantiate the effectiveness of your proposed teaching strategies. You are also asked to reflect on your personal teaching philosophy and articulate how your approach relates to the NSW Department of Education’s Wellbeing Framework.
Referencing Requirements: Students are expected to reference the textbook, NSW Department of Education's Wellbeing Framework, and at least one recent journal article (i.e., published within the last 5 years)
Relevant video excerpts from presentations are available on the unit's vUWS site in the Assessment 1 folder.
Resources are available in the Assessment 1 Folder on the unit's vUWS site.