Recent Question/Assignment

Understanding Infection & Immunity
Write a 2000-word essay (Including abstract) +/- 5% on SARS-CoV 2 infection. Use the following headings in your submission: -
• Abstract (10 marks)- no more than 250 words
• Background (5 marks)
• Structure and life cycle (10 marks)
• Immune response (30 marks)
• Treatments including vaccination strategies (25 marks)
• Discussion/conclusion (10)
• Bibliography/References (10 marks) (separate document/submission)
Use only the following sources: -
Peer-reviewed articles from (90% of your references)
Submit the main document separately (not this document) as a Word not pdf and use your name and student number as the filename
Submit your references/bibliography to the second assignment on loop marked references and save with your name and references as the filename
Tips from a review of drafts:
• Have stats as up to date as possible
• Complete each section and sub-heading
• Make sure to explain how SARS gets into the cell etc
• Always relate back to SARS
• Careful with using the correct terms e.g., PAM P vs Antigen, phagocyte (cell), phagocytosis (the things its doing), phagosome (vesicle that it forms)
• Short and simple sentences
• Don’t include facts in the background which are mentioned in the body
• Social distancing, mask-wearing, and isolation are not important. Just review vaccine strategies with a brief description of current treatments
• Try looking at peer-reviewed papers as much as possible
Make sure the following are included:
• Innate immunity – explain
Key features
Key aspect – antigen presentation
• Attenuated, inactivated, subunit, virus particles
Viral vectors, nucleic virus vectors, vaccines
• Adaptive response – slow at first encounter, fast at the second encounter