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3/18/22, 2:54 PM Case Study: Assessments and Intervention - Diag Treat Rdg Disabilities
Case Study: Assessment and Intervention
See Scoring Rubric Here
During the first week of class, identify a struggling K- 5th grade with whom you can complete reading assessments and intervention. Obtain consent from the student's parent and the student's teacher to complete informal reading assessments with the student. Consent can be in the form of a written note signed by the parent or guardian, or an email correspondence in which the parent grants consent for their child to participate in the assessments.
You will complete the following assessments with the child as part of your weekly assignments. You can use the assessments that your school uses or the ones linked here and in the weekly tasks.
Reading Interview
Anecdotal Observations
Sight Word Assessment
Oral Fluency Assessment: Running Record
Running Record Benchmark Passages(Free 14 day trial)
Phonemic Awareness Assessment (for K-1st grade students who are reading below grade who may not be able to complete a running record) Kindergarten Phonemic Awareness Assessment
First Grade Phonemic Awareness Assessment
Comprehension Assessment
Analyze results of each assessment
Determine and implement appropriate intervention strategies for each assessment
In the final week, you will submit a case study report for your pupil. The final assessments and interventions case study report will include the following information:

Table of Contents
Child's Name (use first name only), grade level, reading level, and other information that identifies the child as a struggling reader
Reason for referral or selection of student List of assessments administered 1/2 3/18/22, 2:54 PM Case Study: Assessments and Intervention - Diag Treat Rdg Disabilities
Narrative analysis of results of each assessment
Intervention strategies (6 or more)
Assessments administered (appendix)
5 examples of pupil work (appendix) Signed parental permission form (appendix) 2/2