Recent Question/Assignment

Part B: Written Report (3,000 words)
- Personal career plan and impact of Covid-19 on the plan
Suggested Report Structure:
• TUA Individual Assessment Coversheet
• Executive Summary (not required for Part B)
• Table of Contents
• Introduction (approx., 300 words)
• Personal Career Plan Pre COVID-19 (approx., 1200 words)
? Reflect on your personal career plan, specific focus should be made on your original career goals, steps to achieve, identified personal skills gaps (i.e. skills and experience).
? Discuss direction received by existing mentors and/or networks, that have been guiding you in your success, as well as your personal brand plan via social media platforms.
? Integrate “Lived Experience,” i.e. advice from mentors. (see Further Information about “Lived Experience” below)
• COVID-19 Impact on plan (approx., 1200 words)
? Based on your reflection of your personal career plan (above), how has this changed due to COVID-19.
? Integrate industry publications that support or refute your claims.
? Identify professional development resources and industry-relevant association members that may be beneficial, within your revised plan.
Tip 4: The following industry magazines i.e. Hospitality Magazine, HM Headline News, Gourmet Magazine and Green Hotelier, provide great insights into current trends.
Tip 5: Identify what you can do to improve job performance, i.e. learning about new developments in your field, improving existing skills and technological innovations). • Conclusion (approx., 300 words)
• Reference List
• Appendix or Appendices
Students must refer, in text and in an associated reference list, to a minimum of 12 academic sources, plus others as required in order to show competency in the assessment. Up to three of these can be academic textbooks, with a minimum of five academic journal articles. Blogs and other unverifiable sources will not count as references.
Cite your sources appropriately using APA 6th Edition Referencing and Academic Writing Guide.